CFG Priorities: Staff Development & Training

Company Staff Development and Training policy has an objective to allow staff achieve quality of performance by providing learning opportunities, so that each individual effectively contributes to CFG’s Mission, Vision and Values.

The staff members who undergo Agronomy and Mechanical Engineering Courses at Lviv – Dublyany Agricultural University have special support of the Company.

It is our strong intention as a Company to provide Safe & Healthy work places and work practices for all employees at all times. Safety is a Team effort!

The Operational Trainings and Consulting are regularly organized and conducted by Company Raising Standards Team (RST) with the aim to help the employees save time, increase efficiency, improve work standards and outputs across the business.

CFG regular focus on staff development through career training and person-centered approaches secures career guidance and successful career path for all our employees.

Company Training Programs

Raising Standards Team

Training Brigadiers
  • GPS
  • Driving Safety
  • Lean Production
  • Operations Planning
  • Communication
Training Operators
  • Basic & Advanced Tractor operation and GPS
  • Fertilizer spreading
  • Spraying
  • Drilling
  • Harvesting

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