Large scale Field day took place on the fields of LLC “Agro L V Limited”


On August 10 LLC “Agro L V Limited” together with “Europlant Ukraina” and under the aegis of Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers hold one of the most fascinating Field days in the season-2018. Potato producers from all parts of Ukraine and representatives of various seed companies came to the event.

As co-organizers LLC “Agro L V Limited” invited participants to visit their fields, where elite certified potato sorts are grown. The guests were amazed with the scale and peculiarities of production. Ukrainian agrarians took particular notice to new potato sorts and their extremely high yield, in particular from ““Europlant Ukraina”.

 “We showed our guests several presentational lots, where around 80 sorts of potato are grown. They all have different peculiarities and directions of usage: from regular table variety, for processing into starch, to chips and French fries production, – informs chief agronomist of LLC “Agro L V Limited” Vasyl Bolekhivskyi.

Guests from Eastern and Central Ukraine were astonished by potato yield, which is grown without watering – at least 50 tons from hectare.

 “Lots of them were even perplexed by seen potato yield. That is because all demonstrated demoareas are used without watering. Similar practice is traditional for Western regions of our country, that’s why people from other regions, – mostly from Eastern and Central, are amazed by such effectivity, – adds Vasyl Bolekhivskyi.

However, not only “potato” scales were interesting for the workshop participants, but also equipment, with the help of which it is harvested. The main focus of attention was drawn to powerful four row self-propelled combine harvester from German producer GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik, which has been used by LLC “Agro L V Limited” for around 6 years.

 “Such combine harvesters are rarities on Ukrainian farms. That’s why it was new for our guests to see how productive this equipment is, how powerful, how it works on potato harvest”, – summed up the chief agronomist.