Modern equipment enables us to achieve the highest result


As of today, land area of LLC “Agro L V Limited” is around 45 thousand hectares, which is quite high index on the agrarian market. To get maximum yield on this land, to till it on time and in a quality manner, our company with specific thoroughness  choses agrarian equipment, giving advantage to technological and effective aspects.

“To do technological operations in accordance with agrotechnical requirements, one should use reliable, productive and long-standing agrarian equipment” – tells top-manager of the company Esben Nielsen, who cares a lot about procurement for equipment fleet.

As an example he, without exaggeration, also provides,  a unique seeder Focus 7,2 МТ of a well-known German producer HORSCH, which is already actively used in work of LLC “Agro L V Limited”. The company had very strict requirements to this particular equipment – a seeder unit had to prepare soil, fertilize and conduct seeding in one pass.

«Combining of agrotechnological operations and performing of several activities in one pass increases production rentability and reduces amount of unneeded passes through a field with the equipment, – explains Esben Nielsen. – That is why we were looking for a universal and combined seeder, which could seed several cultures, seeds and fertilizers in one line, but it also had to be productive, with a big hopper for seeds and fertilizers”.

Among other peculiarities of such equipment one should emphasize on deep (up to 35 cm) soil loosening, intensive disintegration and mixing of plant residues,  as well as high levelling capacity.

By the way, effectivity of HORSCH equipment, reputed among agrarians, was put to a test by LLC “Agro L V Limited” long time ago. So, during the last six years we bought 24 agrarian farming equipment units from this producer. Among them, in particular, four seeders Pronto 9 SW, three disk harrows Joker 12 RT, two cultivators Tiger 8 MT and four Tiger 10 LT, and also eleven trailers-seed loaders Titan 34 UW.

So good equipment on fields is already part of success and one shouldn’t cut down expenses in this area!