The Continental Farmers Group will hold its Field Day festivity in the Lviv Oblast

The Continental Farmers Group will hold its Field Day festivity in the Lviv Oblast

20 September 2021

On October 8, the town of Dubliany will host the Field Day event organized by the Continental Farmers Group on the topic of “How One Is to Earn an Additional USD 100 per One Hectare: Time to Count.” For agricultural producers, farmers and agricultural workers, the event is to become a communication and experience sharing platform as well as a good opportunity to strengthen partner relations.

The Continental Farmers Group experts will tell about the technologies that ensure maximum profits and will show what the economic advantages are of their implementation. The participants are also to expect a demonstration of the results of the R&D Field Studies, owing to which the effective technologies for practical use may be identified. Precise farming will be one of the key topics of the Field Day event. The Company professionals will share their effective methods of working in this area and will present their Technical Equipment Builder to enable an agricultural equipment upgrade. Potatoes growing will be the topic of a separate block. The guests of the event will gain useful information about the growing of plants and may see an exhibition of agricultural equipment. They will have an opportunity to buy seed grains and participate in a taste testing.

In particular, the invited experts are scheduled to make speeches as part of the Field Day program. Volodymyr Lykhochvor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Crop Expert, will report. Vazira Martazinova, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Expert on Meteorology, will speak upon the subject of Ukraine’s climatic conditions and of how they are impacted by the global warming. Clemens Kalverkamp (Kalverkamp Innovation), the author of the concept of technology for the farm of the future, will also be one of the speakers at the event.

The special invited guest of the event is Michael Horsch, Founder of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH.

Mutually profitable cooperation terms under the Growing Together Program will be offered to the farmers of the Continental Farmers Group.

An exhibition zone will be also open that is provided by the Continental Farmers Group partners who are leading producers of agricultural equipment, fertilizers, seeds, plant-protecting agents etc.

The other planned activities include a football tournament in which agricultural companies would compete in football matches. Another competition planned for the Field Day is to test the participants’ drone piloting skills. 

The event begins: on October 8,  2021, at 10:00 a. m.

Location: city of Dubliany, 1 V. Velykohoo St, Lviv Oblast, in the grounds of the Lviv National Agrarian University (5 km away from the city of Lviv).

Telephone for inquiries: +380 67 101 86 36.