Continental Farmers Group launches Future Continental internship project for young specialists

Continental Farmers Group launches Future Continental internship project for young specialists

25 February 2021

The Continental Farmers Group launches an internship program for Western Ukrainian college and university students and graduates majoring in agriculture professions. The Future Continental Program envisages learning sessions and practical classes in the positions of an agriculturist and mechanical engineer. All the trainees will have a formal official employment in accordance with labor legislation. The Company pays for internship training and also provides board and lodging to the participants.

Now 10 trainees were chosen to participate in the Future Continental Program who would enrich their practical knowledge and hone their professional skills during a six-month practice period.

“Students and graduates’ participation in ‘Future Continental’ is a great opportunity not only to start on their careers but also to gain some practical professional experience of working for the Company that is one of the leaders in the agricultural sector of Ukraine and applies advanced methods and modern equipment,” Georg v. Nolcken,Company CEO, comments on the program. I am glad for us to have launched this project because it provides opportunities of supporting the ambitious young people. I hope that, with out help, they would effectively use the gained knowledge in practice. I would like do add the following as a personal comment: agriculture is our future. I am convinced of this from personal experience and now cannot imagine myself working in some other field.”

The HR specialists together with our production department developed this internship program. It covers practical matters as well as production technologies that the young professionals would have to master as a result of their training. A mentor would be assigned to each trainee under the program, the mentors to include engineers or agriculturists depending on the trainee’s specialty.

At the end of the program, all the trainees have to write and defend their graduation projects that aim to improve the Continental Farmers Group’s technologies and production processes. The authors of the ideas that the Continental Farmers Group would implement in its operations will receive valuable gifts.

Through the Future Continental Project, the Company intends to attract gifted students and set up its talent pool. At the Continental Farmers Group, we are sure that training would help young professionals improve their professional skills and become their first successful career stage.