Social Responsibility

CFG successfully organized Village Days Celebrations in Chernyakhiv & Berymivtsi, Ternopil region


Summer weather hugely encourages mood and creates ideal conditions for a good celebration and entertainments.

Citizens of Chernykhiv and Berymivtsi in Zboriv region used this opportunity and organized a real day of village with loud singing, dancing and fascinating games for children.

Agrarian company “Grain Land” always supports local citizens and joined the organization this time as well.

In Chernykhiv the celebration took place on July 12, on Dedication day, and gathered numerous amount of interested people. And already in a month, on the same day (August, 12), Berymivtsi citizens had a loud celebration of their village day.

“Grain Land” took care for adults’ and children’s leisure time. Though celebrations took place on different days, they were united by positive atmosphere and sincere emotions of holiday’s participant. Experienced animators entertained little Ukrainians with interesting games, contests and skilled face painting. While kids were jumping on a trampoline in form of a big pirate ship, parents had a chance to enjoy performances of local creative groups and taste delicious appetizers. Also, children treated themselves to ice cream and cotton candy for free and to their hearts’ content. The celebration was closed by a loud disco.