День поля в «Континентал Фармерз Групп»: делились опытом и приглашали к партнерству

День поля в «Континентал Фармерз Групп»: делились опытом и приглашали к партнерству

17 Мая 2021

«Континентал Фармерз Групп» провела День поля, на котором специалисты Компании продемонстрировали технологии точного земледелия в действии. В мероприятии приняли участие партнеры и коллеги-аграрии «Континентал». Они узнали о последних инновациях в агросфере, обменялись практическим опытом в выращивании сельскохозяйственных культур, а также получили возможность укрепить и развивать сотрудничество с агрохолдингом в рамках партнерской программы «Континентал».

Mr. Georg von Nolcken, Continental Farmers Group CEO noted that one of the main objectives of the event was to build mutually profitable partner relations with local agricultural producers. The Continental Farmers Group is prepared not just to share its experience and expert knowledge with them but also to provide them with access to its material and technical facilities under partnership terms: the elevators, quality seeds of Company’s own production and modern technical equipment.

“We offer services of the elevators, assistance in selling the harvested crops at the most profitable prices, high quality seeds, plant protection means and agronomic expert evaluation to our farmer partners. We are open to cooperation and would like us to develop together,” Georg von Nolcken noted. “Today we also share our experience of implementing precise farming technologies. Owing to the modern methods, approaches and technical facilities, not only can we minimize costs but also obtain some sizable economic effects. During the last season, we convinced ourselves of this in practice and today we shared this experience with our agricultural producer colleagues.”

It took Continental Farmers Group  seven stages to implement precise farming. In turn, these stages may be conditionally divided into three blocks. The first one refers to the culture of production. In the course of its presentation, the Continental Farmers Group specialists showed the role that the modern technologies play in improving the efficiency of production: these are the digital contours of the fields, parallel driving, control over the areas of technological operations, disabling of sections of sowing-machines and spraying machines, and working with a technical wheel tracks.

The second block refers to our own precise farming. It includes the following: agrochemical survey of the soil, control over excessive compaction of the soil, evaluation of the the quality of technological operations, creation of the task maps for the agricultural machines, mapping the crop yield, satellite monitoring, scouting and the use of weather monitoring stations.

The third block refers to automation processes: they include local work in the field, a zone technological map that shows and gets adapted to the peculiarities and needs of not only each specific field but also of its land plot sections.