• We always seek the opportunity to improve on the results that serve the Company’s business objectives.
  • We strive to achieve maximum performance at economic costs.
  • We are not complacent, but always look for improvement in our business.
  • We intend to achieve steady-going team results.

Long-term Partnership

  • We develop long-term partnerships with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and investors.
  • We protect our reputation, so we do everything in our power to form and maintain a positive image of our company.


  • We care for our customers, partners, and employees.
  • We are responsible to our consumers, our employees, and to future generations for the business outcomes and consequences of our operations.
  • We fully understand the importance of personal contribution of each employee to delivering on the Company's objectives. We do fulfill our obligations on time.

Focus on Innovation

  • We constantly study and implement the best practices in innovation.
  • We encourage and promote personal and professional development of our employees, always learn, and seek the opportunities to improve our performance.
  • We are always open to new business ideas, technologies, information, and innovations.
  • We are well prepared to solve problems by employing new innovative technologies.


  • We use a careful and calculated approach to resources of the Company.
  • We constantly propose and implement ideas designed for the purpose of saving and economical use of Company resources.
  • We try to save Company resources as if they were our personal property.
  • We do care about the environment, and strictly follow the requirements of environmental standards.


  • We provide only truthful and valid data on business operations of the Company.
  • We act in a lawful manner, within the boundaries prescribed by law, and strictly follow the rule of law.
  • All interested parties can always be provided with complete, reliable, and comprehensible data, with due regard to Ukrainian legislation, its domestic policies and procedures.


  • To us, the fight against corruption and fraud is a matter of principle.
  • We develop our relations with partners and colleagues based on the principle of honest partnership.
  • When conducting our operations, we always conform to the rules of business ethics.