Corporate Career

Continental Farmers Group takes care good of all employees and helps in their personal growth, professional enhancement, sharing their professional experience, and passing the acquired skills to inexperienced new personnel.

Staff Competency Evaluation

The Company carries out staff competency evaluations on an annual basis. Based on the results, individual professional growth plans are being developed. In addition, a system for setting and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI) has been implemented. The KPI system covers everyone - from top management down to ordinary employees and has a direct effect on each employee's annual bonus.

Training Sessions, Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops

In the Company, different forms of education are freely used: each year, a training menu is developed to choose programs intended to enhance soft skills, and corporate training sessions and seminars are held. For industrial line specialists, introductory seminars or advanced training sessions are organized regularly. The Company organizes and carries out in-house conferences where guest speakers can be its own experts, professors of leading universities, or foreign experts.

Talent Management

There is a program that helps to selects, develop and train a personnel pool. The company believes in good skills and talent of its employees, makes investments in their training, and invites them to work on projects and participate in interesting corporate initiatives.

Continental Academy

It is a single electronic corporate platform that enables employees to complete different tests and questionnaires, take e-courses, watch corporate training videos, select in-class training programs, read helpful articles, etc.

Managerial Programs

The company develops managerial competence skills by inviting its managers to take part in corporate
in-house and external training programs; it organizes strategic training sessions and corporate team building.

The In-House Coach and Mentor Club

The Company plans to open its in-house coach club and launch a motivational program as the Company employs many talented experts in various areas who would gladly share their expertise and experience with others.

Studying Foreign Languages

The Company keeps investing in English language training for its employees: group studies and sessions of the English-Speaking Club with native speakers are organized regularly.