Continental Farmers Group finished its spring sowing campaign

Continental Farmers Group finished its spring sowing campaign

26 May 2021

In the fields of the Continental Farmers Group, the spring sowing campaign is over. Crops have been sown in the area of 99.5 thousand hectares. The Company completed the sowing of the spring-sown cereals and green manure crops as well as the planting of potatoes.

Following the results of the spring sowing campaign, sunflower has a sizable share of 37 thousand hectares in the structure of Continental Farmers Group’s spring crops. Big areas are also used for corn and soy: 31.9 thousand hectares and 27.9 hectares respectively. The area used by the Company to sow green manure crops amounted to 360 hectares. Potatoes are a traditional crop for the Continental Farmers Group and according to the plan potatoes were planted on 1.9 thousand hectares of land.

According to Mr. Vitalii Stavnichuk, Continental Farmers Group Operations Director, the Company managed to conduct its sowing campaign in line with the agronomical terms.

“We fit the entire operations within the scheduled deadline and completed the spring sowing campaign successfully. This year, the main factor that affected the spring sowing campaign were the weather conditions: due to low temperatures during nights and days, the crops sprouted a bit later as compared to the other years. As to the Continental Farmers Group team performance, the team worked in a tight-knit and effective manner,” Vitalii Stavnichuk noted.

We would like to remind the reader that Company’s crop structure also includes the following winter crops: wheat (43.4 thousand hectares), barley (12.2 thousand hectares) and rapeseed (33.3 thousand hectares). A total area sown by the Continental Farmers Group for the 2021 harvest amounted to 189.1 thousand hectares.