The Continental Farmers Group is harvesting potatoes

The Continental Farmers Group is harvesting potatoes

13 September 2021

The Continental Farmers Group started digging up potatoes. The seed, food and chips varieties of potatoes are harvested in the Lviv and Ternopil Oblasts. The Continental Farmers Group is a major potatoes producer in Ukraine and, this season, the Company cultivated this crop in the land area of 1.8 thousand hectares. At the present time, potatoes at the 19% of the planned land area have been dug out. The valid yield of the seed varieties of potatoes is 31 tons per hectare, of the food varieties, 44 tons per hectare and of the chips varieties, 35 tons per hectare respectively. Sources at the Continental Farmers Group note that the crop yield figures significantly exceed those planned.

This season, the Company cultivated the following varieties of food potatoes: Riviera, Colomba, Melody, and the chips varieties: Lady Claire, Pyrol, Opal, Arsenal. A portion of the harvested potatoes has already been sold to the buyers.

“We are selling the early varieties of food potatoes to our partner companies as well as selling them in the free market. At a later time, we will begin selling the late varieties. We have partners, for whom we grow potato seed and we also have long-term contracts on the sale of chips potatoes concluded with the PepsiCo (Lay's), and Snack Produсtion (Chipster’s) companies,” Orest Kravchuk, Head of the Continental Farmers Group Potatoes Cluster noted.

The Company uses its own machinery to harvest potatoes. In the Vasilkovtsy Block (the Ternopil Oblast), four Grimme tractor-drawn 2-row potato harvesters operate and, in the Vyrov Block (the Lviv Oblast), two Grimme self-propelled four-row potatoes harvesters operate and another one of those is used in the Chukva Block (the Lviv Oblast).

The agricultural holding company has its own modern facilities for the storage of the potatoes harvest. A new potato-storage warehouse that has the capacity of 16 thousand tons has been constructed in the village of Chukva, the Lviv Oblast, especially for this season.

In parallel with the harvesting activity, the Continental Farmers Group is preparing the land area for planting potatoes the next year. The Company is also braking the stubble in the harvested fields, the soil is being treated to remove perennial weeds, plowing is being performed as well as potassium fertilizers are being introduced. The next season, the Continental Farmers Group plans to plant potatoes in the land area of 2.1 thousand hectares.