Continental Has Started the Sowing Campaign — 2022

Continental Has Started the Sowing Campaign — 2022

25 March 2022

Continental Farmers Group has launched a spring sowing campaign — 2022. The structure of this year's sowing has changed under the influence of events taking place in Ukraine. In addition to the Company's traditional crops — sunflower, corn and soybeans, Continental added buckwheat to the crop structure, for which 1.2 thousand hectares are planned, and allocated 1 thousand hectares for sugar beet. In total, the Company plans to sow about 100 thousand hectares in the spring.

In parallel with the sowing, Continental began planting potatoes, the area under which was also increased — to over 2 thousand hectares. Continental`s seed potatoes have been sorted and ready for planting, and imported seeds are also purchased in advance.

Potatoes have traditionally been a strategic crop for Continental, but during the military time, they became more crucial than ever before. Every day Continental sends more than 60 tons of potatoes to hot spots in Ukraine, as of now more than 1.5 thousand tons of such humanitarian aid have been provided.

CEO of Continental Farmers Group Georg von Nolcken notes that this year's production season is crucial for ensuring Ukraine's food security. That is why each stage of work requires timeliness and adherence to technology, as far as possible in the current environment.

“This year's sowing will be the most responsible in the history of not only our Company, but also our country. We adhere to selected production technologies and work with all safety measures in mind. The Company is provided with the necessary resources for the spring season. We will do everything to ensure that Ukraine has bread, ” says Georg von Nolcken.

“Thanks to every employee of our company for tireless work without days off and with maximum involvement in the process. Every field trip, work in offices or repair facilities defends a crucial mission — to protect the country from the food crisis, ” he said.

Continental also continues to hold agro-technological operations on winter crops according to the terms of vegetation restoration. In the structure of winter crops, the largest area is occupied by cultures that are strategically important for the country's food security — winter wheat (40.1 thousand hectares) and winter barley (11.4 thousand hectares).