In 2020, Continental Farmers Group paid over UAH 923.3 million in taxes and used UAH 30.8 million for social projects

In 2020, Continental Farmers Group paid over UAH 923.3 million in taxes and used UAH 30.8 million for social projects

28 January 2021

Continental Farmers Group reported on taxes paid in 2020 and implemented social projects. Over the past year, the Company paid to all-level budgets over UAH 923.3 million which is UAH 253.2 more than in 2019. The Continental Farmers Group used UAH 30.8 million for social support to the communities, which the agricultural holding company works with in the territory of the five Western Ukrainian regions.

Out of the Company’s UAH 30.8 million of social investments, over UAH 8.5 million was used to help fight COVID-19. From the start of the spread of the disease in Ukraine, the Company has been supporting hospitals and rural health posts in the territories of its presence providing medical personnel with medical equipment and implements. Aside from that, the Continental Farmers Group provided financial support to create additional beds for COVID-19 patients at the pulmonary department of the Ternopil University Hospital.

“The last year, the whole world faced the challenge of COVID-19. We learned to live and work in a new manner and, at the same time, provided active help to communities and medical personnel. Almost UAH 2 million was used to buy oxygen concentration cells and we co-financed the purchase of lung ventilation equipment, Georg von Nolcken, Company CEO, commented on the situation. The Company is trying to help each town in which it works. We bought respirators, masks protection and sanitation equipment not only for the medical personnel but also for mail carriers and social workers whose work envisions numerous contacts with other people. The pandemic is our common problem that we can counteract only together.”

Despite the global COVID-19 challenges, Continental Farmers Group has kept in mind the mundane needs and problems of communities. The social budget funds were allocate for the implementation of projects in the fields of beautification, spirituality, infrastructure, culture and for supporting and developing the cooperative movement. The large-scale projects include the renovation of the football stadium and reconstruction of a kindergarten. Chukva (Lviv region) To residents of the village of Yurintsi (Khmelnytsk region) the Continental Farmers Group helped to install warm insulation of the kindergarten in the village of Mala Luka (Ternopil region). It helped renovate the recreation center in the village of Pohorilivka (Chernivtsi region). and financed the installation of street lights and in the village of Vynohrad (Ivano-Frankivsk region) the Company helped install a water line for the rural health post.

In 2020, the Company continued to support the development of cooperation. In allocated UAH 698.1 thousand to buy equipment for cooperatives so that they could organize training events for their participants. The agricultural holding company also organized the traditional Lime Tree Marathon, having planted over 4000 trees together with communities.

Detailed information about these social investments and tax deductions of the Continental Farmers Group may be reviewed at the special online platform ( The platform that the Company launched the last year at its official website shows detailed information in real time about the paid taxes and social investments in each region of its presence. The Continental Farmers Group is the first of Ukrainian agricultural producers to implement such reporting practices.